ITero Scanner

At Kennedy Heights Dental Centre, we always strive to stay ahead when it comes to dental technology. We always invest in the most advanced technology and cutting-edge tools to support the dental care we offer to create a comfortable and safe dental experience for our patients. One such state-of-the-art tool we use is the iTero Element 5D Plus scanner.

What Is An ITero Scanner?

I-Tero technology is an intraoral optical scanning system that digitally captures the contours of the teeth and gums using the latest in 3-D imaging technology. The system uses a small handheld wand that scans the mouth with harmless laser light, resulting in a highly accurate digital impression of the teeth and soft tissue structures. The system can be used for any dental procedure that requires an impression or scan of the teeth and mouth, such as Invisalign treatment, dental crowns, bridges, periodontal therapy, and more!

  • The i-Tero system allows dentists to instantly send patients’ impressions to the lab while the patient is still in the office so their custom restorations can be fabricated quickly for a comfortable and convenient experience.
  • Since the 3-D images captured by the i-Tero Impression System allow for greater accuracy when preparing restorations, patients are able to receive better-fitting restorations that will last much longer. These accurate restorations are also aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, which can boost patient confidence.
  • The i-Tero system provides enhanced comfort for patients as well by allowing your dentist to precisely capture all aspects of the teeth and surrounding oral structures without any messy and uncomfortable putty materials or having to rely on unpleasant-tasting impression pastes. In addition to not having to deal with these unpleasant materials, the entire impression process is completed within just a few minutes. Due to its speed and convenience, the digital impression system is a great treatment option for any patients with a sensitive gag reflex as well as those who are especially fearful of taking physical impressions.

Itero 5D Plus

Itero 5D plus, the latest addition to the iTero Scanner series, includes new solutions that cater to a wider range of the dental market. Itero 5D plus offers all the existing orthodontic and restorative digital capabilities of the iTero scanner, along with faster processing time and cutting-edge visualization capabilities for an easy and best-quality scanning experience.

The iTero 5D Plus offers restorative and orthodontic digital workflows with the following benefits:

  • Improved visualization for providing optimized patient experience, offering more brightness to have clearer and more explicit images, along with a fully integrated three-dimensional intraoral camera.
  • Helps in faster and more seamless scanning, lessening the waiting time for scans to process by almost 20 percent.
  • Includes future AI-based elements.
  • Includes NIRI (near-infrared imaging) technology, which is used to scan the teeth’s internal structure to detect interproximal (between the teeth) caries.
  • Helps dentists make a comparison of how the patient’s teeth have transformed over time with the help of real-time TimeLapse technology.
  • Developed with more precise and detailed visualization and broader viewing angles that will help the dentist in treatment plan discussions.
  • Consist of an intraoral camera that helps in easy scanning of the oral cavity that is otherwise challenging to examine.
  • Kennedy Heights Dental Centre is always committed to offering the highest quality, least invasive dental care to our patients. The dental scans using the cutting-edge technology iTero 5D Plus allow us to do the same.

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