Insurance Is A Reason To Smile, But Should Not Dictate How Your Teeth Look

Some types of dental insurance cover many of our clients’ needs. These policies can vary widely in the amount and scope of coverage. Although most dental insurance plans do not cover procedures deemed purely cosmetic, there are cases where certain cosmetic procedures are also preventative and functional. These procedures may or not be covered by your insurance plan. To make the process as simple as possible for all of us, your local dentist has established the following policy.

Clients are expected to take full responsibility for the payment of our fee at the time treatment is rendered. We will assist clients in expediting reimbursement of insurance benefits by providing detailed statements for filing with insurance companies. If you have any questions concerning insurance issues please contact our office.

But my insurance says I only get one cleaning every 9 months?

Dental hygiene appointments are important to maintain overall oral health.

For most people, it is recommended that they have a hygiene appointment every 6 months. Some people have periodontal disease or bone loss and we recommend that they come in once every 3 or 4 months.

A few insurance companies have changed their coverage to only include one “cleaning” per year. This is the insurance company’s way of saving money; they did not make this change based on any studies that proved that a dental cleaning more than once a year was not necessary.

Most plans only cover the dental exam, polish, and fluoride once every nine months. The scaling (removal of tartar) is generally covered up to 10 units or more. Most people require two or three units at a time. We recommend for those on a “nine-month” plan to still have hygiene every five months; however, one of those appointments will be scaling only. For example, the first appointment of the year will be a full cleaning and check-up and in five months’ time we do the scaling only. Scaling is a really important part of a cleaning. Getting rid of the tartar build-up is what keeps the gums healthy. Having scaling done every five months still allows you to have two cleanings per year.