What to Expect During Your First Dental Checkup

What to Expect During Your First Dental Checkup

POSTED BY brant ON November 2, 2021, 6:52 am

Paying a visit to your dentist might not be something you are particularly looking forward to, but it is crucial for preserving your teeth and gum health. Everyone can feel a bit of anxiety before visiting a dental clinic, and that is completely understandable.

Nevertheless, dentists and oral hygienists are devoted experts that will do whatever is necessary to make you feel comfortable, help you relax and make your visit worthwhile.

If you haven’t been to a dental clinic in a while, or you are anticipating your first visit, this article will guide you through the principles and steps behind a regular checkup and advise you as to what to expect from your dentist appointment.

Talking to Your Dentist About Your Oral History

Every dentist appointment should begin with a conversation regarding your health history and discuss any existing medical conditions. They will also ask you about your oral history and whether you’ve had any dental procedures so far, and for what reason.

It is also important to note the frequency of your regular dental checkups, teeth cleaning, and the toothpaste and toothbrush you are using.

Now is also the perfect time to ask any questions regarding the upcoming initial exam, procedures, or virtually anything relevant that comes to mind.

Initial Examination and X-rays

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with your dentist and they are aware of your characteristics, oral history and accompanying medical conditions, if any, it is time to begin the initial dental examination.

If this is your first time having a dentist appointment in a while, this part will usually involve a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and complete oral cancer screening. The dentist will look for signs of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, periodontal disease and mouth sores.

Also, they might have to perform an X-ray to ensure nothing stays hidden, such as underlying infections, bone loss, bone abnormalities and tumours.

Teeth Cleaning

After your initial exam, the dentist might also recommend teeth cleaning. Also known as dental prophylaxis, it is an essential procedure that can significantly reduce the risk of periodontal disease, gingivitis and other infections. Experts advise it every six months, and it typically involves removing tartar and plaque buildup that can be the perfect ground for bacteria to grow.

This way, not only will you be taking care of your oral health, but your teeth will also look significantly whiter and will make your smile even more beautiful.

Discussing if There Are Any Necessary Treatments

Once your dentist has examined the condition of your oral health, they will let you know if they have identified any sources of concern. They will explain the existing issues and recommend an optimal treatment plan that acknowledges your characteristics, needs and preferences.

They could start treating minor dental issues, such as tooth decay, cavities, and inflammation right away. However, more complex procedures, such as root canal treatment, applying crowns, bridges or dental implants, can be postponed and may take several visits to the dental clinic.

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Regardless of whether you are experiencing toothaches, gingivitis, or any other symptoms related to your oral cavity, opting for yearly dentist appointments is crucial for your oral health.

Here at the Kennedy Heights Dental Centre in Delta, BC, our skilled and friendly team is here to help you with your first dental checkup. We specialize in general and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and aligners. We can also take care of dental emergencies following accidents and traumas to the teeth and jaws.
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