How to Get the Most Out of Invisalign

How to Get the Most Out of Invisalign

POSTED BY brant ON August 3, 2021, 6:40 am

Having perfect teeth is no longer an unattainable dream. The dental industry has come a long way in developing cutting-edge technology with Invisalign. It has become a popular trend among people who want to straighten their teeth for medical or aesthetic reasons. The internet is full of impressive Invisalign before and after pictures. 

What is Invisalign? If you are interested in finding out how it works and how you could get straight teeth, read more to find out. 

What Is Invisalign?

You may be wondering, what is Invisalign? The main purpose of the procedure is to get perfectly straight teeth. Contrary to wearing the traditional metal braces, Invisalign are clear and are composed of a transparent, plastic-like material. Metal braces have many downsides, like getting food stuck in them. Invisalign plastic braces are removable and are removed before eating.

How Does the Process Work?

Invisalign aligners are custom-made. The aligners come in a set for both the upper and lower jaw. A primary oral examination, that will include radiographs, is necessary to customize your new aligners. Aligners will need to be changed every 10 to 14 days and the treatment may last for up to 12 months. However, the length of treatment is subject to the individual and is decided on a case-by-case basis. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The good thing about Invisalign aligners is that results are noticeable quite quickly. The first result may already be seen during the 2nd or 3rd month of treatment. Your dental specialist will give you a better idea of how long you will need to wear the aligners to start seeing these first results based on the radiograph performed during the first examination.

Who Is Eligible?


Your dentist will determine your eligibility during the first oral examination. Treatment is usually recommended if you have overcrowded teeth, a crossbite, an over/underbite, or unevenly spaced teeth. If you’re having any of these issues, you might be the perfect candidate for the Invisalign treatment. 

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