Dentistry for kids

By starting dental visits early your child can prevent the need for any major dental treatment. Children as young as three should be having regular dental check-ups. At your child's first visits we will give you tips on home care, ensure the teeth are erupting properly, check for cavities and when your child is ready, provide the necessary dental cleaning and preventive therapies (fluoride, fissure sealants).

Dietary Counselling

As many of you may already know, one of the biggest factors that lead to dental cavities is your diet. And while the diet may be understood to play a part in oral health, many do not realize that certain foods can cause the saliva to become acidic leading to cavities. Just as many parents may not know that milk or formula resting in a child’s mouth can lead to early childhood cavities. In our Delta office we will discuss proper dietary guidelines, which will help us address specific elements of possible unhealthy consumption. By reducing, or in some cases eliminating, certain foods or drinks – the risk of cavities can be drastically reduced.


You can now have the smile you’ve always wanted without braces! In addition to being crystal clear and virtually unnoticeable, Invisalign will correct spacing and crowding faster than traditional orthodontics; usually in about half the time. Invisalign is also a fantastic option if you have worn braces in the past, but have since experienced new or resurfaced issues.

Implant Dentistry

Dr. Randhawa places mini-screw implants as a method of stabilizing complete dentures in cases where there is insufficient bone remaining and the denture is uncomfortable. In addition, Dr. Randhawa works with specialists to coordinate the placement of regular sized titanium implants, another alternative to replace missing teeth. This procedure involves placing a small titanium post into the space where the tooth is missing. The bone will actually grow into this little 'titanium root' making it as stable as your natural teeth. Once the root/implant portion is stabilized, a crown can be placed on top of the implant which will act like a normal tooth. Implants are a very good option when where is no existing tooth behind the space.

Porcelain Bridges

In most instances patients also have the option of having a missing tooth replaced permanently with a bridge (attached to the tooth behind and in front of the space). The procedure involves reducing the two adjacent teeth (as you would for a crown), taking an impression, and placing temporaries. The lab will make the bridge, shading it to match the color of your natural teeth. In about two weeks you return to the office where we will remove the temporaries and place your new teeth. These are permanently cemented to the reduced teeth. A bridge is much easier to adjust to than a partial. It is important to clean around the bridge properly so that it lasts many years. We will review this with you at your appointment.

Porcelain Crowns

Caps or crowns are like 'little hats' that completely cover the tooth. A crown is recommended when a large portion of the tooth needs to be restored and is the best way to prevent future tooth fracture. Most dentists recommend a crown following a root canal as a non-vital (dead) tooth tends to get brittle over time and can fracture. Crowns can be gold, a combination of gold and other metals, tooth colored, or a combination of tooth colored and metal. Dr. Randhawa will discuss the options best suited to your particular situation.

Oral Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation, or oral/IV sedation with benzodiazepines is typically the first choice, and sometimes general anesthesia may be needed. When the patient has need of multiple and complex treatment with increased risk for acute dental pain. It can be used by a dentist to relax a patient enough to be able to perform multiple procedures in a single visit also saves both you and the dentist time and money. Call us for more details.

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe, non-invasive procedure used to lighten the teeth. The best way is to have custom trays made that you can use at home until your teeth lighten to the desired level. We also offer individual whitening syringes for sale for our clients who already have trays so that they can touch-up their whitening if they notice after a period of time that it is starting to fade.

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