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Welcome to Kennedy Heights Dental Centre

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible quality of dental care. Our highly trained team will provide you with the most advanced dental procedures and ensure that your visit here is comfortable and relaxing. We work towards bringing you the highest form of dental care along with your best smile!

Professional dentists at Kennedy Heights Dental Centre completely supervise the condition of teeth and oral cavity of whole families, including a consultation on proper care and hygiene, help in selecting the necessary toothpaste, caries treatment, prevention of tooth loose, prosthetics and much more.

Dental Emergency

If you have an accident (a fall, sports injury, etc.) it can cause trauma to your teeth and jaw joint. Teeth may be fractured or broken. The jaw may be sore, or your bite may feel like it's 'off'. If a tooth comes out, try and retrieve it and bring it into the office with you, storing it in milk or a damp gauze, don't wipe it off. Often an x-ray will be necessary to assess the damage. Some times a repair will be done immediately, other times we will wait until the soft tissue (gum, lip, cheek) swelling subsides. It's important to have the teeth checked as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A visit with our hygienist involves a detailed examination of your mouth, discussion of home care, removal of any deposit (tarter/calculus) and stain and if required treatments for sensitivity, caries prevention, and home recommendations. Occasionally it will require dental radiographs to assess the bone levels and detect any cavities between the teeth. How frequently you come in for cleanings will be determined by the condition of your gums and your ability to maintain a healthy oral environment.

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